Run your store with low cost and high retailability

All in One

Want to scale up your retail business? just wish & get all in one software. POS, Inventory, Purchase, Payments, Ledger, Layman accounting, CRM with SMS & Mail campaigning, loyalty & membership programs, Online selling platform at zero sale commission and all necessary MIS reports. Highly featured POS system is an all in a single package for total compatibility, smooth operations and low cost of implementation software. Managing on a single platform, you can eliminate your problems of double entry into multiple platforms. Perfect data syncing in our software saves many hours of cutting, pasting, stock updating and accounts reconciling. So you don't need to invest in multiple application for multiple work which will help your business grow.

Easy billing

Simple to learn and easy to operate just like a Smart Phone. With only 1 hour of training, a 8th standard passed can operate this software smoothly and easily on just a few clicks keeping all audit trail system in check automatically as per government norms. No expensive accounting jargon and no technical know how to be learnt. Access the best technology for your retail store. Peddle Plus software is fast, intuitive and designed for modern retail. It’s easy for your team to use and works on windows PC with popular hardware. Peddle Plus’s best-in-class product and inventory features with powerful reporting insights help you make smarter, more profitable decisions, whether you have one store or twenty. Gone are the days of calculating your sales receipt by manually typing a customer’s email into our CRM.

Sell online with us for FREE

Your FREE online store comes live automatically once you start using our software. You can increase your sales & profitability by selling both online & offline. With Peddle Plus, handle more customers in store and online on single software. Reach out your local customers with your product offerings and facilitate them with Peddle Plus online shopping app.

Minimize your store expenses

Analyzing petty expenses on routine basis Eliminate unnecessary routine purchases Make more use of automated operations with less human intervention Easily identify and streamline the areas for cost and purchase improvements Forensically examine the potential business expenditure, shortage and profit leaks Analytically reviewing sales by day and time

Secure your process

With Peddle Plus's most trusted security & audit trail, you will never loose the control over cash transactions, inventory and user roles. A few simple security measures if taken for safeguarding your retail business process through Peddle Plus then you will always run your retail sore with peace of mind. No worry if you leave your store with anyone to operate, don't worry ever and be very much confident & cooperative while dealing with tax department officers. There’s no ‘silver bullet’ to mastering security – if there were, crime would no longer exist! But there are measures you can and should take to secure your small business, and keep the trust of your customers in-tact. The most important thing is to plan ahead and put these security measures in place as early as possible before disaster strikes, or you’ll be kicking yourself for not acting sooner.

Track your shop from anywhere

No matter wherever you are. Track your store through mobile. Get the information through mobile app in real time. Track your sales, purchases, cash & bank transactions at each of your store outlets in real-time through owner's mobile app available in iOS & Android. Break free from the counter, stockroom or office and access the store activities from anywhere. Easily access your sales, products and reports, and always have the latest data. And if the internet goes down, Peddle Plus will still trade offline. Modern retail is online, in-store and mobile, so get the point of sale system that takes you where you need to go. Peddle Plus allows retailers to dip into the system from my mobile phone while they are away from the store.

Save money

Save money by buying just-in inventory from supplier and partners. With our software you will get all the information in time like when to buy and how much ideally to buy from whom to buy at what price. you will also have option to compare the last purchased price on screen, which alerts you any about any price hiking and human errors by supplier while giving you the price.

No Queue in rush hour

Help in-store customers to avoid long queue & buy products faster. Ask your customers to download Peddle Plus mobile app to do self Offline shopping. They can make the payment by cash, card, or UPI based e-wallets.

Low cost & local infra

From your store PC you can manage your online store. No need to have huge IT infrastructure or no need to share your data on cloud. But yes that possible with our technology if you want to opt for it. It is not mandatory.

Store driven

Your entire offline and online store is managed from store itself.

Fast 60 minutes delivery

Serve your locals with your own fastest delivery mode. No dependency on any third party tool or warehousing company.

Connect to e-commerce partners

Connect to all major online shopping sites on just a few clicks. Help your customers to buy online & pick offline. You don't need to use multiple platforms to have online presence. Peddle Plus integrates and works seamlessly with other world-leading Online Shopping and e-commerce portals so you can use the products you already love. Our open platform was built on the internet so it’s simple to connect your other systems like ecommerce, payments or accounting, and to develop your own custom extensions on our API. With preferred partnerships or deep integrations with Paytm, freecharge, Gpay zomato, flipkart, amazon and many others, it’s easy for you to extend the power of Peddle Plus. To anyone looking for a tight integration between point of sale and payment processing and online shopping, Peddle Plus is the best choice.