All features are integrated in such manner that they talk to each other seamlessly


This helps classifying and grouping the complete stock correctly for any number of Products and SKU. Avoid common mistakes and create a healthy item structure which in turn helps you save more & earn more. The Peddle Plus's inventory module is managed, supported and connected with other modules so well that on a few clicks it even places the order to supplier automatically if inventory is low in stock while taking orders from customers.

Stock Verification & Adjustment

Most easy and useful tool to regularly track your stock. Update your system stock verifying with physical stock. You can freeze the Items by their category or group, so Items of other category group can be purchased and sold during stock take or verification.


Peddle Plus's POS is the easiest POS ever for small & medium retailers which carries the responsibilities of an operator and enhances productivity. Covers all modes of POS like Normal Sale, Exchange, Complimentary. An integrated accounting system helps you to collect payment by multiple modes even later on, with payment alert mechanism.


Peddle Plus's Accounts gives you complete control with ease of work on your business. Instantly obtain your primary books of account with some analysis tools like daily transaction sheet and cost center reporting and verification tools like bank statement, cash/bank flow with party wise payment due list and bill-to-bill details from cross verifying details with suppliers and customers.


This instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices, and separate classification for each purchase and to track and monitor good and bad business associates. It also helps to create a correct master when you are adding new products.

Stock Transfer

Stock is transferred between stores through a special stock transfer process and are received and processed on user request. Local stock counts are automatically reduced when items are sold to customers or transferred to other stores.


Send an email on Birthdays and Anniversaries, maintaining their transcripts in different privilege membership is the essence of Peddle's Multiple Discount and Price Level Schemes based on the value for a product, group of products, no of visits, volume of sale customer wise, a customer or group.

Multi Store Management

All the tools for multi-location retailers to sell, manage, report and grow. Multi store management solution is for a group of stores using Peddle Plus and sharing information between each other. You just need simply a broadband internet connection. No need to have fixed IP or leased lines. The smart client technology allows each location to work independently even if the internet connectivity is lost. Whenever the connectivity is back in force it syncs the data automatically with head office. The type of information to be shared is controlled by a master store or HO. The means of communicating data between stores is via the internet.

Flexible Taxation

Peddle Plus supports multiple tax structure like GST & VAT etc with option to accommodate multiple tax% for multiple categories to manage your sale, purchase and financial accounting smoothly. This could be operated globally but act locally. This is truly GST Ready for small & medium retailer with auto GST calculation and it generates the GSTR-I, GSTR-II & GSTR-III automatically from the system without any double entry. So retailer can focus on their core retail business and customers.


Peddle Plus MIS builds a detailed history and analysis this history, provides the basis for merchandising and sale forecasting decisions. Collection of predefined management reports and any report can be run for any date range.