We have done many successful installations in eight major retail sectors

Grocery Shops & Supermarket

The complete retail ERP with POS billing software to serve Kirana stores, Supermarkets, Departmental stores, the vital motto of any Retail Software is to make the POS system easy, fast and robust. Peddle Plus also manages the back-office with a large number of SKUs, multiple tills and accurate retail accounting. Being a grocer, do I really need a retail software or point of sale system? The answer is absolutely yes. Some businesses can get by with an old-time cash register, but for groceries and supermarkets, billing and checkout speed and efficiency can make or break your business. Whether you are a specialty market, a small grocery shop with an independent location, a multi-unit chain, we can customize a POS system with any hardware to meet your needs. Peddle Plus not only will help you to do billing and checkouts but also keep track of inventory stock, track of supplier payments, automate purchase orders, determine best and worst sellers, use gift cards and loyalty plans. This will also help you to make your taxation (GST/VAT) process automated.

Consumer Electronics

Peddle Plus, A complete retail solution for all consumer electronics shops i.e. PC & Laptop, Computer Hardware, Home appliances and Mobile Shops. It takes care of all the activities such as booking of sales orders with multiple items and serial number, delivery status tracking, elimination of redundant entries by integrating entire sales process (Quote, Sales Order, Re order, Delivery Note and invoice), etc. Bill from Peddle Plus mPOS also.

Apparel & Footwear

Peddle Plus has already been adopted seamlessly by many apparel retailer & online stores. It takes care of all the business process of apparel industry starting from procurement to CRM seamlessly. In an increasingly competitive omni-channel marketplace, you need to optimize every aspect of your apparel business to make more customers and win customer loyalty. At Peddle Plus Retail Software, we believe that great shopping experiences take place in both in-store and online when optimized product planning and inventory management intersects perfectly with skillful customer engagement and point-of-sale execution. As apparel retailing and fashion trends continue to evolve, you need a solution that is flexible enough to accommodate your customers’ evolving needs and reinforce their loyalty to your brand.

Auto Parts

Auto parts stores typically carry a wide variety of Items in inventory, given the huge number of vehicles with so many makes, models and manufacturing years. Peddle Plus keeps your business organized, efficient and successful.

Stationery & Gift

Adopt Peddle Plus the easiest billing software for business like gift & stationery shops. Using Peddle Plus is definitely going to make your personal life & business process both simpler. Peddle Plus manages to do quick and simple categorization of a wide inventory of items such as gifts, cards, wrapping papers, toys, books, notebooks, pen and other stationery items. Both the stock management features and the option to sort products according to different categories as tweak. This also saves time and energy, which can be utilized towards serving more customers and growth of your business. This application automates your business in such a way that generation of a bill will have an effect on the inventory, finances and reports. Therefore, you need not spend any extra time towards keeping track of the stock or manually creating reports on the best or worst selling products, customer behaviors, finances and more.

Salon & Spa

Peddle Plus supports every aspect of your salon & spa business, resulting in easier operation, improved customer experiences and business growth. For any salon & spa to run its business successfully, it becomes very necessary to manage Clients, Employee, Inventory & Expenses effectively & timely. Peddle Plus is a powerful and easy to Use retail Software hosted in store or on cloud which will help you manage these four core area of your business very easily in just few clicks. Run & Manage your business virtually. Peddle Plus software makes your beauty business or spa more organized, you will save time and provide better customer service.

Home Furnishing

Manage your home furnishing, home decor and furniture store from one point of sale. You need a system that can keep track of your inventory, manage multiple vendors, and analyze sales data. Peddle Plus is the best choice.

Sporting goods & Gym

Peddle Plus is an easy, efficient and affordable retail software that helps you manage all your retail business activities for gym & sports. It helps you meet your business needs without any hassles. It is a CRM software, with Purchase, Sales Billing, Dashboard and many such business oriented features. Peddle Plus offers you just what you need to make running your retailing easy! A software that will help you manage your Gym Sports retail business. Peddle Plus, along with a team of excellent professionals, bring you a gym & sports retail management software that will provide you excellent and absolutely reliable solutions, to efficiently manage not only your gym, but any business in the health, fitness or sports sector with ease.